Safe & responsible gaming

We work at this every day.
Holland Casino is a place of entertainment where you can play for money in a responsible way and in a safe environment. Safe means a safe gaming environment. Play must take place honestly and faultlessly, gaming equipment must be in order and you must feel safe and at ease when visiting one of our casinos. Responsible means avoiding placing larger bets or playing more often than you can afford. Holland Casino is aware of the risks of gaming and wants to limit, and where possible, avoid them. That is why we are happy to tell you how you can let a game be a game.
What can you do yourself to play in a safe and responsible way?

Set your limit before you start playing
Ensure that you are aware of the gaming rules
Take a break now and again and do not play for too long
Ask yourself if you are (still) playing for fun
Try not to win back lost money
For more information about the risks of gaming, you can download the Safe and Responsible Gaming brochure here.

Did you know that?

Our employees are trained to guarantee honest gaming and to recognise an addiction.
Our slot machines pay out on average 92% of the stakes. The law requires a payout percentage of 80%. In the case of table games like Roulette, this can be as high as 98.6%.
The Verispect agency and the Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMi) continously inspect our slot machines and gaming equipment to guarantee you an honest game.
We talk with guests who display risky behaviour.
We pay extra attention to visitors between 18 and 24 years of age.

Signs that indicate irresponsible gambling behaviour:

When you attend the casino more frequently than you intended to
When you have continued playing on a gaming table or slot machine for an extended period of time
If you display different gambling behaviour than you had intended to
If you gamble compulsively
If you are experiencing problems with your social environment
If you experience financial problems

Do you recognise the signs in yourself or in someone around you? Then please contact HANDS (+31(0)800 022 00 22), an independent body that specialises in providing guidance and assistance over the phone.
Test your gambling behaviour with the self test

Having a flutter is fun and exciting, and thats how it should stay. By offering personal attention and taking note of the behaviour of our guests, we are able to acquire an insight into our guests. We think this is important, but who can recognise the signs better than you yourself? Why not take our self-test and see whether you are behaving in a responsible manner when gambling? For more information about the signs that indicate irresponsible gambling behaviour, please ask our host for the brochure Let a game stay a game.
Would you like to visit Holland Casino less frequently or stop visiting altogether?

Would you like to request a visit limit or entry ban? Or would you like to talk to one of our employees at Holland Casino? You can always approach one of our employees without any obligations or fill in the online form.
Would you like help to reduce your gambling?

Do you gamble more often than you would like to, or are you experiencing other problems with your gambling behaviour? Ask for advice online from professional social workers via the gambling advice website, Gokken de baas. You will find a forum on the website where you can exchange experiences with others, alongside extensive information about gambling problems. What is more, you can anonymously request treatment via the internet that will help you take control of any gambling problems.