Control Your Emotions to Win at Blackjack

Gambling is an unpredictable activity and gamblers are a volatile bunch. When you picture a casino, you imagine a lot of excitement, yelling and screaming, people jumping up and down, craps players going crazy and other people talking and praying to wheels, cards and dice. When so much money is changing hands, there’s bound to be an excess of emotion; it’s natural and it’s part of the fun. But blackjack is not craps, and emotions are not conducive to winning blackjack. Control is the name of the game emotion control.

Emotional Outbursts Are Not Part of the Basic Blackjack Strategy
When all you’re doing in a casino is pulling a lever or placing a roulette bet, you can get as hysterical as you want. But blackjack is all about restraint and discipline; the blackjack table is no place for outbursts and emotional indulgence. Blackjack is a game that calls for skill and that skill requires concentration and focus. To play blackjack well, you have to use your memory and your gray matter; emotions are not part of the basic blackjack strategy.

Blackjack utilizes logic, statistics and math. It’s not a game in which wild hunches and emotional guesses will help you out in any way. If your feelings are flying high on a particular day high enough to obscure your good judgment stick to a game like roulette, but stay away from the blackjack table. In blackjack, you have to be steady and steadfast; if emotions are going to get in the way of your attentiveness then either check them at the door or wait until you have them under control before you approach the blackjack table.

This advice is also applicable if you are playing blackjack in an online casino. True, you are not exposed to the craziness of the craps players and the slots players. But winning real money or losing real money tends to get people excited even in the quiet of their own homes. So emotional control is needed in the online casino just as much as in the land-based casino.

You Can Control the Blackjack Game
Even the toughest among us have had their emotions tested at the blackjack table; when luck is not on your side and you’re losing, it’s hard to stay emotionally uninvolved. But it’s precisely when you’re losing that you have to maintain the most control. When you’re angry or disappointed, it’s easy to make mistakes and so when you feel your self-control slipping, it’s a good idea to either step away from the table or give yourself an imaginary slap on the face to get yourself back in line. Even the best blackjack player can lose; you have to know that the cards can go either way and you have to train yourself to stay cool even under the most negative and adverse circumstances.

Keeping your emotions under control also means not yielding to them when you’re winning at blackjack. If you’re on a winning streak, the sheer joy can make you lose your focus. If you’ve had a winning blackjack strategy, just keep with it; don’t let emotions control your betting. Staying cool and calm at the blackjack table doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time; playing calm blackjack can be just as much fun as playing emotionally erratic blackjack. The thing to remember in playing blackjack is that when you are in control, you can control the game your actions can determine whether you’re a winner or a loser. Emotions are not a part of that equation.